Reveling in the South: Unveiling Savannah’s Cocktail Culture and Secret Bars


Embarking on a journey through Savannah’s dynamic cocktail culture and discovering hidden gems within secret bars was an experience that transcended the conventional tourist trail. I delved into the heart of the city’s mixology scene, unraveling the stories behind each libation and savoring the flavors that spoke of Savannah’s rich history. Here, I share not just my personal escapades but also four highly recommended activities, each offering a distinctive peek into the soul of Savannah’s spirited legacy.

Craft Cocktail Crafting at The Grey

109 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

The Grey, ensconced within the restored walls of a Greyhound bus terminal, emerges as a gastronomic beacon in the tapestry of Savannah’s culinary renaissance. My foray into the world of mixology unfolded through The Grey’s craft cocktail crafting experience—an intimate exploration into the realms of flavor, spirits, and the art of libation.

As I stepped into The Grey’s inviting ambiance, the staff’s palpable passion for mixology set the stage for an immersive journey. The skilled bartenders, masters of their craft, served not only as guides but as enthusiastic companions in my mixological odyssey. Their commitment to the art of cocktail creation was evident as they shared insights, techniques, and anecdotes from the world of spirits.

The Grey’s interior seamlessly marries mid-century modern aesthetics with industrial design elements. The bar, adorned with an array of gleaming bottles and fresh ingredients, beckoned participants into the heart of the mixological process. The atmosphere resonated with an air of creativity, making it an ideal backdrop for my hands-on exploration of cocktail craftsmanship.

Conveniently nestled in downtown Savannah, The Grey is a gem within the historic district. Whether arriving on foot or opting for a brief ride, the surrounding cobblestone streets and historic architecture added an extra layer of charm to my journey.

Priced at $50 per person, the craft cocktail crafting experience at The Grey offered more than a mere lesson in mixology. It encompassed a hands-on workshop, the creation of three expertly crafted cocktails, and the forging of memories that lingered long after the last sip.

Securing a spot in this intimate session was effortlessly achieved through The Grey’s official website. The reservation process mirrored the personalized nature of the craft cocktail crafting experience, ensuring a tailored and enriching adventure.

Crafting cocktails at The Grey transcended the boundaries of a typical mixology class. It was an odyssey into the alchemy of spirits, an exploration of the senses, and a celebration of craftsmanship. The bartenders’ expertise not only demystified the intricacies of mixology but also ignited a newfound appreciation for the artistry behind every cocktail.

As I selected premium spirits, measured ingredients, and curated my concoctions under the guidance of passionate mentors, The Grey transformed into a creative haven. It wasn’t merely about crafting drinks; it was about understanding the nuances of flavor, balancing elements, and embracing the spirit of experimentation.

The Grey’s craft cocktail crafting experience stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of Savannah’s culinary scene. It seamlessly merged education with indulgence, offering participants a chance to become not just consumers but creators in the world of mixology. From the first stir to the final flourish, each moment was a brushstroke in the canvas of libation, painting a vivid picture of appreciation for the craft that goes into every cocktail. The memories forged in that stylish and spirited setting lingered as a delightful aftertaste, making The Grey an indispensable stop for anyone seeking a hands-on and flavorful immersion into Savannah’s mixological prowess.

Speakeasy Revelry at Mata Hari’s

Mata Hari’s, shrouded in secrecy behind an unassuming façade, beckoned me into the clandestine world of Prohibition-era revelry. The allure of gaining entry through a password heightened the exclusivity of the experience. Stepping inside, the dimly lit space and hushed conversations transported me to a bygone era of covert socializing.

The staff at Mata Hari’s embraced the mystique of a genuine speakeasy, executing their roles with a discreet yet attentive demeanor. The mixologists, true to the speakeasy tradition, demonstrated their expertise by concocting personalized cocktails that catered to individual tastes.

Mata Hari’s curated an authentic speakeasy atmosphere, complete with subdued lighting, vintage décor, and an air of mystery. The intentional lack of conspicuous signage or visibility from the street added an element of discovery, reinforcing the clandestine nature of this hidden gem.

Accessing Mata Hari’s required the discovery of the current password, often disseminated through social media or shared among local enthusiasts. This element of secrecy transformed the journey into a quest for exclusivity, enhancing the overall adventure.

Entry to Mata Hari’s was typically complimentary, with the cost associated with the bespoke cocktails crafted by the skilled mixologists. The pricing of cocktails was in line with the quality and artistry put into each creation.

Reflecting its clandestine nature, Mata Hari’s operated without a reservation system. Gaining entry relied on discovering the current password and arriving at the entrance in a timely manner.

Mata Hari’s wasn’t just a speakeasy; it was a portal to a time when libations were clandestine, and revelry was an art form. The thrill of uncovering the password and gaining access to this hidden enclave added an exciting layer to my evening. The mixologists’ dedication to their craft was evident in every sip of the bespoke cocktails, each a masterpiece of flavor and innovation. Mata Hari’s commitment to preserving the authenticity of the Prohibition experience made it more than a bar; it was an immersive journey into the clandestine corners of Savannah’s cocktail culture.

Rooftop Sunset Cocktails at Peregrin

Geographical Location: 256 E Perry St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

Peregrin, the rooftop bar crowning the Perry Lane Hotel, emerged as a haven for panoramic views of Savannah’s skyline. Timing my visit during the golden hour rewarded me with a breathtaking sunset backdrop against which I savored expertly crafted cocktails. The sophisticated ambiance, adorned with comfortable seating and chic décor, heightened the overall sensory experience.

The staff at Peregrin embodied Southern hospitality, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable visit. Their adeptness in recommending signature cocktails tailored to individual preferences added a personalized touch to the evening.

Peregrin’s rooftop setting unfolded as a spacious and elegant environment, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor seating options. The well-curated cocktail menu showcased a diverse range of libations, catering to a spectrum of palates.

Situated in the Historic District, Peregrin is conveniently accessible on foot or via short transportation. The rooftop locale positions it as an ideal spot for immersing oneself in Savannah’s skyline and weather.

While entry to Peregrin is complimentary, the cost of cocktails varies, ranging from $12 to $18. Opportunely, happy hour specials and seasonal promotions may present chances for indulging in discounted drinks.

Peregrin streamlines reservations through its official website. Securing a reservation ensures a preferred spot, especially during peak hours and special events, contributing to a more tailored and enjoyable experience.

Peregrin’s rooftop sanctuary unfolded as a sophisticated canvas for an evening of cocktail indulgence. The sunset views were nothing short of mesmerizing, casting a warm glow over the historical tapestry of Savannah’s architecture. The diverse cocktail menu, coupled with the attentive service, transformed the visit into a quintessential Savannah experience. Whether seated indoors, enveloped in the chic ambiance, or relishing the open air, Peregrin offered a harmonious blend of elevated mixology and stunning vistas, making it an unequivocal must-visit for those seeking a synthesis of refined libations and unparalleled views.

Prohibition Pub Crawl with Historic Savannah Tours

Geographical Location: 111 W Congress St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

Embarking on the Historic Savannah Tours’ Prohibition Pub Crawl is a vibrant journey through the lively past of Savannah’s secret bars and hidden libation venues. Guided by enthusiastic storytellers, the tour unraveled the tales of the city’s Prohibition-era speakeasies, creating a dynamic fusion of history and mixology.

The guides from Historic Savannah Tours were captivating storytellers, skillfully weaving narratives of Prohibition-era escapades and the ingenious methods employed to circumvent the law. The tour included stops at multiple historic bars, each with its unique story and signature libations.

The tour seamlessly integrated visits to some of Savannah’s oldest bars, providing an authentic glimpse into the city’s rich past. The diverse selection of venues ensured a well-rounded experience, allowing participants to savor different cocktails and immerse themselves in distinct historical atmospheres.

The Prohibition Pub Crawl traced a route through the heart of the Historic District, inviting participants to explore Savannah’s cobblestone streets and historic squares while uncovering the hidden drinking dens that once thrived during Prohibition.

The ticket for the Prohibition Pub Crawl was priced at $35 per person, encompassing guided tour services and exclusive drink specials at select bars. The investment proved worthwhile for the unique blend of historical exploration and indulgence.

Reservations for the Prohibition Pub Crawl were conveniently facilitated through the Historic Savannah Tours website. Booking in advance was recommended, given the tour’s popularity and the limited spots available.

The Prohibition Pub Crawl unfolded as a dynamic and educational adventure, seamlessly blending historical insights with the pleasure of savoring handcrafted cocktails. As I traversed Savannah’s historic streets, I felt transported to an era where secret bars and covert activities were the norm. The camaraderie among fellow participants and the lively storytelling by the guides made it an engaging and entertaining experience. It was more than a pub crawl; it was a time-traveling escapade through Savannah’s spirited past, revealing the secrets hidden behind its charming facades. The Prohibition Pub Crawl emerged as a must-do activity for those seeking a captivating and immersive experience within the rich tapestry of Savannah’s history and cocktail culture.

Savannah’s cocktail culture and hidden bars offer a rich tapestry of experiences for enthusiasts and curious travelers alike. From crafting cocktails at The Grey to immersing in the secrecy of Mata Hari’s, each activity presented a unique facet of the city’s libation legacy. Peregrin’s rooftop sunset cocktails and the Prohibition Pub Crawl added layers of sophistication and historical depth to my Savannah sojourn.

As I navigated the cobblestone streets and historic squares, delving into the heart of Savannah’s cocktail culture, I discovered that libations here are more than drinks; they are a reflection of the city’s spirit. The carefully curated concoctions, the historic settings, and the stories embedded in each sip contribute to a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary.

The craft, history, and creativity behind each cocktail mirror the essence of a city that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Whether crafting cocktails, sipping in secrecy, enjoying rooftop views, or embarking on a historical pub crawl, Savannah’s libation offerings are bound to leave an indelible mark on the palate and the memory.

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