Cycling Expedition in Perth: A Rider’s Guide to Exploration


Embarking on a cycling journey through Perth has been nothing short of exhilarating. I’ll take you through three places I personally explored, along with recommendations for four additional captivating destinations.

Places Explored

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Location: Fraser Avenue, Perth WA 6005

Embarking on my cycling adventure, Kings Park was the first destination—an expansive urban oasis seamlessly blending nature and cityscape. Positioned on Mount Eliza, it unfolds panoramic views of the city skyline and the meandering Swan River. Cycling paths intricately weave through lush botanical gardens, allowing riders to immerse themselves in the tranquility of native Australian flora.

A highlight of Kings Park is the Lotterywest Federation Walkway—a suspended bridge that invites cyclists to soar through the treetops, offering a unique perspective of the park. Another must-experience is the iconic DNA Tower climb, unveiling breathtaking panoramic views that elevate the cycling journey to new heights.


  • The scenic beauty, coupled with city views, creates a captivating backdrop for cycling enthusiasts.
  • Varied cycling trails cater to riders of all levels, from leisurely cyclists to avid mountain bikers.
  • Abundant picnic spots offer the perfect pause to savor the surroundings.


  • Weekends can see increased crowds, impacting the serene atmosphere.
  • Some trails may prove challenging for beginners due to steep inclines.

Route: Commencing at the entrance, my cycling route meandered through the Botanic Garden, inviting moments of contemplation amidst the diverse flora. The journey continued with the exhilarating experience of the Lotterywest Federation Walkway and concluded with the rewarding ascent of the DNA Tower.

Booking Platform: No reservations are needed as Kings Park is a public park, open to all seeking an escape into nature.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden serve as a sanctuary of natural beauty within the heart of Perth. The combination of well-maintained cycling trails and the diverse array of plant life provides a rejuvenating escape from the urban hustle. The Lotterywest Federation Walkway was a standout, offering not only a unique cycling experience but also a profound connection with the treetop canopy. As I stood atop the DNA Tower, the breathtaking panoramic views reaffirmed that Kings Park is a gem for nature-loving riders, a place where the city’s vibrancy seamlessly integrates with the serenity of the Australian landscape.

Swan Valley Vineyards

Location: Swan Valley, Perth WA 6056

Embarking on an eastward journey, my exploration led me to the enchanting Swan Valley—an idyllic region celebrated for its vineyards and wineries. Cycling routes meandered through picturesque landscapes, presenting a delightful fusion of natural beauty for both wine enthusiasts and avid cyclists.

A standout recommendation in Swan Valley is a visit to Sandalford Wines. Here, amidst the vines, one can indulge in a wine-tasting experience that captures the essence of the region. For a rustic interlude, the charm of Mandoon Estate and its brewery provides a welcome break from the cycling trail.


  • The cycling routes unfold against a backdrop of picturesque vineyard landscapes, creating a visually enchanting experience.
  • Swan Valley’s wineries offer ample opportunities for wine-tasting, allowing cyclists to savor the region’s renowned vintages.
  • Many wineries in the region are designed to be cycling-friendly, providing convenient and accessible stops along the journey.


  • The roads connecting some wineries can experience increased traffic during peak hours.
  • Limited dedicated cycling paths between certain wineries may necessitate brief stretches on busy roads.

Route: Commencing from Guildford, my cycling route through Swan Valley weaved through various vineyards. Key stops included the renowned Sandalford Wines and the captivating Mandoon Estate.

Booking Platform: Wine tastings in Swan Valley typically don’t require reservations. However, checking individual winery websites for events and special offerings is advisable.

Swan Valley’s cycling routes unfold as a perfect marriage of exercise and indulgence. Exploring the region’s vineyards on two wheels adds a unique charm to the wine-tasting experience, creating a journey that lingers in the memory. Pedaling through the picturesque landscapes, I found myself immersed in the tranquility of the vineyards, with each winery stop providing not just a tasting but a glimpse into the rich viticultural tapestry of Swan Valley. While the roads may get busier at times, the overall experience is a testament to the region’s allure, where the joy of cycling and the pleasure of wine converge to create a truly memorable expedition.

Cottesloe Beach

Location: Marine Parade, Cottesloe WA 6011

My cycling adventure towards the coast unveiled the beauty of Cottesloe Beach—an iconic destination where crystal-clear waters meet pristine white sands, creating an enchanting backdrop for a cycling break by the ocean.

The allure of Cottesloe extends beyond its beach. I recommend taking a leisurely ride along Marine Parade, where the coastal breeze and stunning views accompany your journey. After cycling, bask in the sun at the beach and explore the vibrant cafes and shops that dot the area.


  • The coastal views at Cottesloe Beach are nothing short of stunning, offering a visual feast for cyclists.
  • Dedicated beachfront cycling paths make it a cyclist-friendly destination with uninterrupted views of the ocean.
  • The beachside atmosphere is lively, creating a perfect ambiance for a relaxing cycling pitstop.


  • Weekends can witness increased crowds, impacting the serene atmosphere of the beach.
  • The cycling path lacks shaded areas, which can be a consideration, especially during sunny days.

Route: Commencing from the city center, my cycling route traced the scenic path along the river, leading me to the breathtaking shores of Cottesloe Beach.

Booking Platform: Cottesloe Beach is a public space, and no reservations are needed for cyclists seeking to enjoy the coastal beauty.

Cottesloe Beach stands as a haven for cyclists, offering a refreshing coastal ride that engages the senses. The vibrant atmosphere of the beach, coupled with the array of cafes along Marine Parade, transforms this destination into more than just a pitstop—it becomes a holistic experience. Cycling along the beachfront path, I found myself captivated by the uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean, a soothing soundtrack to my ride. Despite the potential for crowds on weekends and the sun-soaked cycling path, the overall charm of Cottesloe Beach ensures that every pedal stroke is a moment of coastal serenity, making it a must-visit for cyclists seeking a perfect blend of exercise and relaxation.

Recommended Destinations

Rottnest Island

Location: Access from Fremantle or Hillarys

Rottnest Island, a brief ferry ride away, stands as a unique haven for cyclists. What sets this destination apart is its car-free environment, pristine beaches, abundant wildlife, and terrain tailored for cycling enthusiasts.


  • The absence of cars creates a tranquil and cyclist-friendly environment, allowing riders to explore the island at their own pace.
  • Rottnest Island is renowned for its unique wildlife, particularly the quokkas—small, friendly marsupials that have become the island’s unofficial mascot.
  • Scenic cycling trails wind through the island, offering breathtaking landscapes and vistas of the surrounding Indian Ocean.


  • While the ferry ride is an essential part of the Rottnest experience, tickets can be relatively pricey.
  • Being a popular tourist destination, especially during peak seasons, Rottnest Island can experience crowding, impacting the tranquility.

Route: Cycling routes cover the entire island, providing flexibility for riders to tailor their journey based on personal preferences. From coastal trails to inland paths, Rottnest offers diverse routes for cyclists to explore.

Booking Platform: Ferry tickets for the journey to Rottnest Island can be conveniently booked online through the official Rottnest Island website.

Rottnest Island emerges as a cyclist’s dream, offering an escape from the mainland’s hustle and bustle. The absence of cars not only ensures a peaceful environment but also allows riders to fully immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty. Encountering quokkas along the way adds a touch of charm, making every cycling venture a delightful encounter with the island’s unique fauna. While ferry tickets may pose a budget consideration, the serenity of the car-free landscape and the captivating landscapes make Rottnest Island a must-visit destination for cyclists seeking an idyllic retreat.

Perth Cultural Centre

Location: Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge

Nestled in the heart of Northbridge, the Perth Cultural Centre stands as a cultural hub housing museums, art galleries, and the State Library. Cycling through this vibrant area provides a unique blend of history and contemporary creativity.


  • The Perth Cultural Centre is a reservoir of cultural and artistic richness, showcasing the city’s creative and historical tapestry.
  • Pedestrian-friendly zones create a welcoming environment for cyclists, allowing them to navigate the area with ease.
  • Numerous cultural events, from exhibitions to performances, add a dynamic and ever-changing aspect to the center.


  • Despite its cultural richness, the area has limited dedicated cycling paths, requiring cyclists to share the road with pedestrians and vehicles.

Route: Approaching from the city center, cycling through the streets of Northbridge unveils a lively atmosphere, gradually leading to the Perth Cultural Centre. The journey itself becomes a part of the experience, with the sights and sounds of the area setting the stage for the cultural exploration that follows.

Booking Platform: Museums and galleries within the Perth Cultural Centre may offer online ticketing for special exhibitions or events. Checking their respective websites ensures seamless access to any ongoing cultural showcases.

The Perth Cultural Centre emerges as a captivating intersection of heritage and modernity, offering a fascinating stop for cultural exploration within the context of a cycling adventure. As a cyclist, navigating the streets of Northbridge en route to the center provides a dynamic journey, with glimpses of local life and the energetic pulse of the city. The limited dedicated cycling paths do require a bit of shared space negotiation, but the rich cultural offerings within the center make it a worthwhile destination. Whether it’s exploring museum exhibits, appreciating local art, or attending a live performance, the Perth Cultural Centre adds a distinctive layer to the cycling experience, making it more than just a physical journey—it becomes a cultural voyage through the heart of Perth.

Perth Zoo

Location: 20 Labouchere Rd, South Perth WA 6151

As a unique cycling destination, Perth Zoo unfolds a delightful tapestry of wildlife encounters and scenic cycling paths along the picturesque Swan River.


  • Cycling paths within the zoo provide an immersive and eco-friendly way to explore the diverse exhibits.
  • The zoo offers a myriad of wildlife experiences, from iconic Australian animals to exotic species from around the globe.
  • The family-friendly environment makes Perth Zoo an ideal destination for cyclists of all ages.


  • Entry fees apply, reflecting the cost of maintaining the zoo’s facilities and supporting conservation efforts.
  • Popular attractions within the zoo may experience crowds, particularly on weekends or during special events.

Route: Crossing the iconic Narrows Bridge, cyclists can reach South Perth and seamlessly integrate into the paths within and around Perth Zoo. The journey becomes a harmonious blend of cycling and wildlife exploration.

Booking Platform: Streamlining the entry process, tickets for Perth Zoo can be conveniently purchased online through the zoo’s official website, ensuring a hassle-free experience upon arrival.

Perth Zoo presents a distinctive cycling experience, weaving the joy of riding with the allure of encountering exotic wildlife. The cycling paths within the zoo not only offer an environmentally conscious way to explore but also provide unique vantage points for observing the animals. The journey across Narrows Bridge to reach South Perth and then exploring the paths within the zoo adds an extra layer of adventure. While the entry fees are a consideration, they contribute to the welfare of the animals and the conservation initiatives supported by the zoo. Perth Zoo stands as a harmonious convergence of the natural and the recreational, creating a memorable and enriching experience for cyclists and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Essential Tips for Cyclists in Perth

Safety First:
Perth has a well-developed cycling infrastructure, but safety should always be a priority. Wear a helmet, use hand signals, and be aware of traffic rules.

Weather Awareness:
Perth’s weather can be unpredictable. Carry sunscreen, stay hydrated, and be prepared for sudden changes, especially during summer.

Bike-Friendly Routes:
Plan your routes using dedicated cycling paths. Perth offers numerous scenic trails, and it’s essential to explore them for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

Bike Rentals:
If you don’t have a bike, various rental options are available in the city. Ensure the bike is well-maintained and suits your riding preferences.

Cycling through Perth has been a journey of discovery, blending nature, culture, and the thrill of exploration. From the serene Kings Park to the coastal allure of Cottesloe Beach, every pedal stroke unveiled a new facet of this vibrant city. As you plan your cycling adventure, remember to embrace the unique offerings each destination provides. Perth welcomes riders with open arms, promising a memorable experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Gear up, explore, and let the wheels of your bicycle carry you through the enchanting landscapes of Perth.

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